Who are we?

VMSKY started its service as a sub center of Supreme Simplified Kundalini Yoga Society by the efforts of A/N. Serma Selvaraj, A/N. Viswalingam , A/N. Anbalagan and A/N. Muthusamy in earlier part of 2003. The centre functioned at Singapore Tamilian Association, Potang Pasir. In November 2003, the centre transformed as one of the core activity in Singapore Tamilian Association and was named STA-SKY. From the start till today, the vision of VMSKY is to improve physical health and peaceful mind of human through “Yoga for human excellence”; it is a non-profitable, non-religious and non-political based organization that promotes world peace through individual peace.

In the year 2009 it has become registered society. VMSKY follows the SKY System of WCSC (World Community Service Centre) founded by the great visionary, philanthropist Shri. Vethathri Maharishi (Founder of WCSC - World Community Service Centre) in 1958, for the everlasting peace to prevail in the world WCSC has brought out three important concepts; 1) Peace in the Individual 2) Peace in the Society 3) Peace in the World.

The main objective of the VMSKY, Singapore is to inculcate value of education across the island that teaches how to lead a healthier and peaceful life style. With an eminent well trained team of spiritual masters and great support by STA, VMSKY has grown consistently year on year and now we have 100+ strong volunteers(masters) spreading SKY(Simplified Kundalini Yoga) island wide in few places by conducting regular weekly classes in Bukit Batok CSC, Woodlands, Yew Tee, Choa Chu Khang, Blue Star Dormintary.

To experience the peace within individual, one should have a healthy body and a clear mind. VMSKY teaches the SKY system methodology that helps one to achieve healthy and peaceful life very easily and quickly.

The SKY system compiled by Shri Vethathri Maharishi consists of 4 main aspects

SKY Exercise - 9 stage simplified physical exercises.

SKY Meditation - basic to advance levels.

Kayakalpa yoga – Life force, Biomagnetism, Mind and Body.

Introspection – Analysing, Correcting and living as per realized way.

The SKY system is very simple and affordable that any one of age 14 to 80 years can practice and reap the benefit. So far there are millions plus around the world practicing the SKY system and experienced immense benefits. They have experienced tremendous improvement to their health and peace in their life. SKY exercises are unique and it does not resemble or follow any existing yoga asana. The four aspects of the SKY system will develop a person to be positive, responsible and enables the individual to experience the five-fold effects 1. Charity, 2. Magnanimity, 3.Receptivity, 4.Adaptability and 5.Creativity.

VMSKY, Singapore is active in service for more than a decade in Singapore and enhanced the life of public aspirants to lead a healthy and peaceful life.