SKY Courses

Simplified Kundalini Yoga courses

SKY Courses at VMSKY-Singapore:

VMSKY follows and teaches Yogiraj Shri Vethathiri Maharishi’s Simplified Kundalini Yoga, after years of intense research he has systematized a series of exercises that is suitable for all climates and all sections of the human community in the contemporary age. It is very simple exercise and one from age of 14 to 80 years can practice without any pain and strain. There are 4 important aspects of the SKY System.

Simplified Exercise:

If spiritual development is to take place, the body must be free of diseases and pain to the maximum extent. Therefore, all spiritual aspirants are first and foremost advised to take up this system of physical health that would enable one to reap much more benefits in spiritual practices.

SKY Exercise comprises exercise for whole body from head to toe and there are 9 stages of exercise.

1. Hand Exercise 2. Leg Exercise 3. Neuro-Muscular Exercise 4. Eye Exercise 5. Kapalabathi 6. Makarasanam 7. Massage 8. Acupressure 9. Relaxation

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SKY Meditation:

The purpose of meditation is elevation of the mind. The frequencies of the mind waves come down and the mind becomes tranquil during meditation. Regular and diligent practices of the meditations help one to achieve perfection and peace in life. Kundalini is the life-force; the energy of the body and mind. Simplified Kundalini Yoga is the practice to utilize the life-force for the object of meditation.

Nine types of meditations have been advocated by our Guru Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi.

Nine types of meditations have been advocated by our Guru Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi.

1.Agna Meditition 2.Shanthi Yoga 3.Thuriya Meditation 4.Thuriyatheetha Meditation 5.Panchendriya Meditation 6.Panchabootha Navagraha Meditation 7.Nine Centre Meditation 8.Nithyanatha Meditation 9.Divine State Meditation

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Kayakalpa yoga:

In Sanskrit, the term "Kaya" means "body and "Kalpa" means "immortal". The Science of Kayakalpa delineates the manner in which the human body can be immortalised. Restructuring the body in a natural way, Kaya Kalpa helps cure and prevent diseases. It relieves the practitioner of many of the troubles of aging.

Kayakalpa has a threefold objective

1. Maintaining youthfulness and physical health, 2. Resisting and slowing down the aging process, 3. Postponing death until one reaches spiritual perfection.

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The process of analyzing and getting a total understanding of oneself is Introspection. It is a practical methodology for sublimating the negative emotions of greed, anger, vengeance, etc., Between Thuriya and Thuriateetham the aspirant has to put himself through some important psychic practices under the process of Introspection in order to have his character reformed, to get enlightenment and to enjoy peaceful and happy life.

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1)Practical self-analysis tools designed to take stock of positive and negative characteristics in your personality.

2)Eliminate the unnecessary and incompatible aspects of your character.

3)Strengthen the habits of good thought, word, deed and discerning and rejecting the habits unwanted.

Five primary aspects of introspection

1)Analysis of Thoughts. 2)Moralization of Desires. 3)Neutralization of Anger. 4)Eradication of Worries. 5)Who am I - Realization of the Self?.

All this aspects of Introspection are taught and practiced in 4 levels from Introspection 1 to 4

These practices will make a man to understand the value of his own existence. By constant research and by leading a virtuous way of life, he dissipates the imprints of sins day by day. As a result, the soul becomes pure and perfect and his mind is peaceful.