SCIENCE OF LIVING - for Peaceful and Happy life:

Philosophy of life:

Knowing the facts of Nature is Philosophy. Implementation of Philosophy for material prosperity and in moral behaviour for achieving a happy, successful and peaceful life is Science.The Philosophy of Nature will help man to be free of emotion, will make him far-sighted and keep his mind expanded so that he is aware of the consequences. The Science aid man to increase material prosperity thereby contributing to living comforts. Therefore, as wise men have said, Science without Philosophy is blind and Philosophy without Science is lame.

The purpose of the birth of the man is to develop knowledge to its fullness for experiencing the joy of satisfaction and peace.So as to make life purposeful in order to enable him enjoy happiness and success and to experience harmony and peace, man should maintain his thoughts and deeds in tune with three aspects concurrently and simultaneously.

The three aspects are:

1) The creation of problems by Will should be reduced and stopped.

2) The ability to solve the problems arising out of the Law of Nature should be developed; and

3) The opportunity for one and all in the society, to enjoy the birthright and freedom of life, which will enable man to reach the goal of perfection should be developed and maintained.

Value of Yoga:

Yoga is a complete process of perfection of man by developing his personality so that he may reach his ultimate goal, thereby fulfilling the purpose of his birth.Yoga is a science of life to develop the sixth sense to its fullness and to enable and equip man to enjoy peaceful and blissful life. It is essentially an art of understanding all about the life force and realizing the relationship with the body, the society, the world and Universe, maintaining its harmony.

Yoga will help man in the performance of all his duties in harmony with the Law of nature and the sentiments and conventions of the society, enable him to lead a successful life and to achieve satisfaction and peace by sharpening his intellect, cultivating constant awareness and strengthening the will, streamlining the mind and moralizing the behaviour.

As the functions of the mind and body are interdependent, it is imperative that equal attention is paid both to spiritual and the material aspects of man. Yoga provides all the benefits in both the fields.Therefore Yoga is a well-balanced and perfect process for success and peace in life.