Kundalini means the life-force; the energy of the body and mind. SKY is the practice to utilize the life-force for the object of meditation; merging the mind with the life-force takes one to the subtlest frequency, which enhances awareness and furthers intellectual sharpness and understanding.

There is no visualization, mantra or pranayama to be done in this SKY process. SKY can be practiced by men and women above the age of maturity that is fourteen years of age. SKY Yoga will ensure peace within individuals, peace among society and ultimately peace among nations.

Through meditation the mind is turned inward to its base, the life-force, and deep relaxation and heightened sensory awareness and self-control are possible thereby. In a state of meditation there can be no undue attachment or emotional disturbance.

In SKY practice a trained master initiates the aspirant into meditation practice, intensifying the working center of his life force between the eyebrows (Agna – Pituitary gland) so as to focus there and meditate. This meditation will improve awareness and will-power. The feeling of the life force is gentle and pleasant, while more energy is made to circulate in the brain and develop intellectual sharpness and subtlety of frequency. In due course of time, and with dedicated practice, awareness, will power and clarity of thought and memory develops increasingly.

After a few days of the initial practice, the energy increases in the Agna – between eyebrows may be felt excessively. At this point the aspirant is taught “Shanthi Yoga” a meditation practice by which the flow of energy is balanced and brought under one’s own control, so one can direct and limit the energy intensity at will.

The next stage of practice is meditation at the Crown chakra which is “Thuriya Yoga”. This meditation further develops one’s spiritual awareness and clarity of understanding, bringing the mental frequency to a yet subtler state.

Meditation practices are also given to understand and increase one’s personal bio magnetism for the optimal physical and mental strength. A separate technique of meditation is also taught to strengthen the mind and body in resistance to the adverse effects of planetary transits.

Higher level techniques of meditation include “Thuriyateetha Yoga” where the fractional state of Consciousness unites with the infinite state of Consciousness. Integrated practice of physical exercises, SKY meditation, Introspection and Kaya Kalpa Yoga will reorganize and restructure body and mind. This Science of Living is evolved by Philosopher Shri Vethathiri Maharishi.