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Philosophy of Life

Knowing the facts of Nature is Philosophy. Implementation of Philosophy for material prosperity and in moral behaviour for achieving a happy, successful and peaceful life is Science.

The Philosophy of Nature will help man to be free of emotion, will make him far-sighted and keep his mind expanded so that he is aware of the consequences. The Science aid man to increase material prosperity thereby contributing to living comforts. Therefore, as wise men have said, Science without Philosophy is blind and Philosophy without Science is lame.

The purpose of the birth of the man is to develop knowledge to its fullness for experiencing the joy of satisfaction and peace. So as to make life purposeful in order to enable him enjoy happiness and success and to experience harmony and peace, man should maintain his thoughts and deeds in tune with three aspects concurrently and simultaneously.


The three aspects are:

  1. 1. The creation of problems by Will should be reduced and stopped.
  2. 2. The ability to solve the problems arising out of the Law of Nature should be developed; and
  3. 3. The opportunity for one and all in the society, to enjoy the birth right and freedom of life, which will enable man to reach the goal of perfection should be developed and maintained.

The Law of Nature – Cause and Effect system:

What is the Law of Nature?

It is the microcosmic order of function of the whole universe penetratively linking everything, everyplace and all the ages from smallest energy particle to the greatest mass.

Whatever the action of anyone may be there will be an appropriate result according to the motive, efficiency, time, place and object of contact. There will be no omission, bias, mistake or injustice in the result of pleasure, pain, peace and ecstasy through pressure, sound, light, smell and taste.

To understand this marvellous phenomenon one has to expand his mind to the ultimate capacity covering the whole Universe. Divide the Universe into two parts. One is the functioning part containing energy particles and masses of all kinds such as air, liquid, solid and the mixtures. This part may be assumed as dynamic portion.

Second is the Absolute Space which exists as a covering shell around the functioning part. This part is pressing the whole functioning part by its eternal might. This part may be assumed as Static portion. Within the dynamic portion the Space penetratively and tightly exists, but such inter-stellar and inter-particle space is not pure space.

This space is filled with the spreading waves of the energy particles which are naturally having a speedy whirling motion of self-rotate force. Because of the intrinsic character of the spreading waves of the energy particles, they penetratively join and merge in the inter-stellar and inter-particle space. This mixture of Static State and dynamic wave emerges as a mighty, marvellous and mysterious Universal phenomenon: magnetism.

Magnetism is penetratively filled in throughout the Universe. The spreading waves are in constant production moving all through the Universe; clash, reflection, refraction, penetration and interaction between the particles and masses, thereby affecting everything. We can assume that the whole Universe is a great tank of magnetism with immeasurable, extensive volume, in which all the energy particles and masses are floating and moving.

Wherever the magnetism is intensified between masses, that is immediately balanced by the surrounding pressure of the macro-cosmic force of the magnetism. This balancing process creates physical transformation of the magnetism into pressure, sound, light, smell and taste according to the level of intensity of magnetism. Throughout the cosmos the magnetism is called “Universal Magnetism” and with the physical body of an organism, from one sense to six-senses the same phenomenon is called “bio-magnetism”.

When any movement occurs by natural forces or by will, the all-pervasive and ever-existing subtle phenomenon, magnetism, is affected immediately and appropriately physical transformation results as pressure, sound, light, smell and taste. Pressure works as attractive and repulsive forces. The sound and light are considered as electricity, and the smell and taste are called chemicals. All these five are the physical transformation of magnetism. As a response of the bio-magnetism of the organism, these result in feelings of pleasure, pain, peace and ecstasy.

This is the cause and effect system, and the same is the Law of Nature.

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