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From time immemorial, various types of physical exercises have been formulated in various countries according to the climatic conditions, the mode of life and various factors prevailing in those countries. These exercises were to a large extent, formulated to suit an earlier age which was one of leisure when things moved slowly.

Times have changed and we now live in an age of speed, stress and tension. Hence, our needs too are different, and we cannot blindly adopt the exercises devised long ago that were found suitable for those times.

Philosopher Vethathiri Maharishi thought over this problem for number of years and researched various yoga asana and exercises. He then coined a very simplified exercise as an outcome of his research and practiced them for many years and observed their results on his own body. Finally, he systemized a series of exercises which will be suitable for all climates, for all the sections of human community men, women and children.


The Blood, heat and air are circulating in the human system one within the other according to their specific gravity and they are governed by the centripetal pull exercised by the Earth. If rhythmic movement given to the body part, all the three media are suitably regulated and hence various parts of the body get cleansed, strengthened and rejuvenated.

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There are two aspects in simplified physical exercises

  1. 1. Postures
  2. 2. Movements

SKY Exercise comprises exercise for whole body from head to toe and there are 9 stages of exercise.

  1. 1. Hand Exercise
  2. 2. Leg Exercise
  3. 3. Neuro-Muscular Exercise
  4. 4. Eye Exercise
  5. 5. Kapalabathi
  6. 6. Makarasanam
  7. 7. Massage
  8. 8. Acupressure
  9. 9. Relaxation

If we practice these simple exercises regularly which will take only 30 minutes to practise, then one can experience below benefits.

  • Oxygenize the human body
  • Activate the endocrine glands
  • Purify the blood and regulates it's circulation
  • Rejuvenate the whole physical system
  • High level of immunity against diseases